#WIPJoy Day Twelve

April 13, 2017


Day Twelve: Share a line from the main character about food.


“It’s me!” Wyn called merrily. 


“What wonderful things did you find for us this time?” Lady Danielle answered.


“You’ll not believe it, but I found us some tarts!  There may be a few less than when I started, but still, tarts!  And some carrots, boring, and bread, also boring.  A cheese, very smelly.  I did have some eggs, but I dropped the bag, so there’s no telling.  And I got a duck, but I had to pay for that because it still had feathers and such and it was staring at me, so I asked the butcher to make it nice.”


“You paid for the duck, but not the others?”


“Maker, no,” laughed Wyn. “What a thought.  Oh, but I saved the best for last.  You’ll never guess what I found, not in a year of guessing.”


“Shall I start the year right away?  I will guess you found a cask of Venaissine wine, a delightful red that tastes of summer sun.”


“I was supposed to get wine, wasn’t I?” Wyn hardly paused. “Bother the wine.  No, I found a Cormac!”

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