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The Martyr's Blade

Join Wyn, Killock, Danielle, and Bradon as they strive to save their world from an unspeakable evil.  Will the Martyr's Blade survive the dark threat growing under the High Fells?  Will its wielder?

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Book I of The Chronicles of the Martyr.  


When a series of gruesome rituals are discovered in the icy hinterlands of Albyn, three of the realm’s most storied guardians are sent to track down and bring those responsible to justice. 

What they uncover is far more than simple murder: a terrifying threat to all the realms of mankind, thought sealed away so long ago that it now exists only as legend.

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~ San Francisco Book Review

The Martyr's Tears
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Book II of The Chronicles of the Martyr.

When murder and betrayal fracture the alliance between Crown and

Temple, Danielle d’Lavandou must flee for her life.  Falsely branded a traitor and heretic, Danielle is now a fugitive in a realm that once celebrated her as the greatest adept of her generation.

Hunted by the Crunorix priest whose vision of a new Temple dedicated to the blood magic of the foul magi grows closer to fruition every day, Danielle is desperate to reveal the machinations of the traitor who has shattered her world, and reunite Crown and Temple before the realm tears itself apart.


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~ Readers' Favorite

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Book III of The Chronicles of the Martyr.

As the realm teeters on the brink of war, two women must confront their own fears and doubts as they struggle to wield a powerful magic sword against an immortal enemy, while also trying to navigate the challenges of their own love and social differences.

"A fast-paced and exciting story with a good dose of humor and humanity at its heart." ~ Seattle Book Review

Available Now!

The Martyr's Blood

~ IndieReader


Book IV and beyond will be announced here.  Look for them soon!

Tales of the people and places of the Martyr's world, from Albyn to the lands of Venaissin, from the distant past to the days surrounding the events from the Chronicles of the Martyr.  Discover more of the rich world of the Martyr, and find out what happens just beyond the events told in the Chronicles.

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A Novella

Rikard always dreamed of wielding one of the arcane Devices created by the enigmatic Guild of Artificers. Newly apprenticed into the Guild, he is now on the verge of mastering the closely-guarded secrets of creating the Devices.


But when one of the Guild’s most venerable Wards is mysteriously activated, Rikard and his fellow apprentices are concerned. What ancient menace has returned a millennium after the Ward was created? Why are the Guild Grandmasters concealing the warning?

When Rikard and his friends find themselves in possession of a secret they never wanted, a dark truth hidden even from the Guild Masters, Rikard realizes their fate, and the fate of the Guild itself, rests in their hands.

The Artificer's Tale
Thief's Tale eBook Cover v5.jpg

A Novel

When an audacious burglary goes spectacularly right, Wyn expects her young life to change for the better.  Glorious infamy and the respect and adulation of her underworld brethren will, at least, buy her a few drinks, and just might convince the other thieving vermin to keep their knives to themselves for a while.


~ IndieReader

But when her new-found reputation attracts the worst kind of attention, she is forced to take on an impossible heist, working for a vicious killer named Quinn, a man she has feared and hated since she was an orphan fighting for food on the streets.

The job takes Wyn across the sprawling city of Kuray, where the high born hold galas in their sprawling mansions while crews spread murder in the tangled streets, where coin and quill are as much weapon and armor as a knight’s sword and steel, and where arcane Devices, magical instruments as powerful as they are unobtainable, are the ultimate loot.

Faced with the destruction of everything that holds meaning to her, Wyn vows to pull the greatest job of all--to beat Quinn at his own brutal game.

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The Thief's Tale
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