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Danielle and Wyn must face civil war and the impending threat of the Crunorix. As Danielle fights to defend her sister, the deposed Queen, she knows that there is little time before she must confront the dreadful power of the Magi, the immortal blood priests of the Crunorix.

But when Danielle’s dreams are invaded by visions of a goddess-like being wreathed in flame, she fears that the Martyr’s Blade, their only hope against the Magi, may no longer be hers to control.

Can Danielle and Wyn find a way to use the Blade and defeat the Magi? Will Danielle suffer the same fate as the Martyr, the legendary original wielder of the Blade? Follow Danielle and Wyn on their journey of love, magic, and war in this action-packed fantasy novel.


"Joel Manners’ epic Chronicles of the Martyr fantasy series continues in fine style with The Martyr’s Blood, an action-packed and thrill-a-minute continuation of the exploits of Danielle and Wyn as they strive to defeat the Magi, overcome the Crunorix, and save the realm of Albyn. There are swords and sorcery galore as the heroes embark on their most dangerous adventure yet, journeying through a meticulously crafted and compellingly evoked world where magic and danger prevail even in dreams and the fate of the many rests in the hands of the few. It all makes for a fast-paced and exciting story with a good dose of humor and humanity at its heart." ~ Seattle Book Review

"Joel Manners has created an immersive and beautiful fantasy world in The Martyr's Blood, a grand and epic story involving three-dimensional characters, well-developed magical and political systems, vivid descriptions, and lively, action-filled plots." ~ IndieReader

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