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FINALIST for the 2018 Indie Book Awards prize for fantasy.

When murder and betrayal fracture the alliance between Crown and Temple,

Danielle d’Lavandou must flee for her life.  Falsely branded a traitor and heretic,

Danielle is now a fugitive in a realm that once celebrated her as the greatest adept

of her generation.

Wyn lies grievously wounded, her life as an unrepentant thief and eager spy stolen

in the agony of her injured body.  Only her fierce resolve to kill the treacherous

son-of-a-bitch responsible keeps her from despair.

And the wizard Karsha Hali finds himself trapped between the great nobles of

Albyn, who despise him, and the leaders of the Temple, who have denounced

him as a murderer, as he struggles to control the intrigues of a nation hurtling

toward civil war.

Hunted by the Crunorix priest whose vision of a new Temple dedicated to the blood

magic of the foul magi grows closer to fruition every day, Danielle is desperate to reveal the machinations of the traitor who has shattered her world, and reunite Crown and Temple before the realm tears itself apart.


But as Danielle is pursued from teeming city to desolate, ice-shrouded wilderness, she discovers that simply surviving may be an impossible task.


"Engaging fantasy." ~ Kirkus

"A very refreshing and very entertaining novel.  Really brilliant!" ~ Readers' Favorite

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