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Nook... OMG

The Martyr's Blade is finally released on Nook! So for all of you poor souls still using that platform (I am one of you... although not for much longer I think) horray!

What a saga. Kindle took 6 hours to go live after I approved it. Nook took 9 DAYS! With no explanation. This is after going through their terrible publishing site, which insists on you making detailed edits to your manuscript on their webpage (because Word is such a terrible word processer? Amazon simply converts your Word doc, likity-split), edits that are lost if you ever upoad your manuscript again. Nice... Because everyone wants to write a novel in a web browser.

Plus, their horrible web editor (that you have to use) isn't even WYSIWYG. White space, paragraph indents... all different on device.

So, it's there! So sad that what was once the best e-reader has now sunk to such a second-rate status, both as hardware and as a publishing platform. Buy a Kindle.

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