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Book 3 Update and More

Hello all!

A quick update on progress on Chronicles Book 3, as well as some news on the tv series for The Thief's Tale.

First, Book 3 is back in Christie's hands for editing! That means that Beta 2 draft is complete. Thanks to all the beta readers who made it through the first beta draft and provided so much good feedback last winter.

Draft 3 is a major re-write of draft 2. I was able to get some story arcs back into the story that I had given up on in draft 2, but after seeing what resonated and what didn't, I was able to adapt the plot to get them back. The other changes all really tightened the story and gave some added heft to the character arcs, so I am really pleased.

It was a huge undertaking.

  • Eight months of time.

  • 70,000 new words written.

  • 5,000 revisions to the text that was kept from draft 2.

  • All-in-all, 30% of draft 3 is brand new from draft 2.

Sheesh... what was I thinking. I wrote a third of a new book! Anyway, it's so much stronger.

I'm starting to look at options for the cover, and (hopefully) the editing and final draft won't be terrible, and it can all be ready by Christmas this year, 1 year after draft 2 was finished.

Second, I just received the first draft of the scripts for The Thief's Tale, the tv series. Guy Roberts has done a fantastic job adapting the novel into its new medium, despite the fact that he is the world's busiest man! We'll be looking at the scripts in more detail over the next few weeks, but Guy has done an amazing job. I can't wait to start casting!


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