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Book Three is Beta!

Wonderful news on the Chronicles front!

Book Three has reached beta! The final draft is complete, and copies have started to go out to intrepid beta readers for feedback. I cannot stress how much I appreciate the beta readers, first for their time to read a long book and provide detailed and meaningful feedback, but also for the creativity and insight that they bring to the final product. The books are so much better because they volunteer for this arduous chore, and they get very little out of the deal except gratitude.

If you have any interest in joining their ranks, message me on the “Contact” page of the website, and I’ll see what I can do.

Book Three has been a long time in the works, so no one is more relieved it has reached this point than me. A short break to write The Thief’s Tale ended up taking over a year, and then there were several misfires on the Book Three plot, as I tried to jam way too much into a single volume.

But all the re-writes were worth it to give the characters’ stories room to breathe and grow! The final plot took me in some very unexpected directions, as well as diving deeper into some areas that the first drafts ignored.

With some luck, this means that Book Three will get a release date some time in the spring. Stay tuned!


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