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The Martyr's Blood Release

At long last, I am excited to announce the upcoming release of The Martyr’s Blood, book 3 of the Chronicles of the Martyr. The launch is February 17th, and you can pre-order right now here.

The Martyr’s Blood is available in hardback at Lulu, and in paperback and Kindle at Amazon (check out the links on the book page, here).

The Seattle Book Review calls The Martyr's Blood "a fast-paced and exciting story with a good dose of humor and humanity at its heart" in "a meticulously crafted and compellingly evoked world."

I’m thrilled that Blood is heading into readers’ hands. It’s been a long time since we left the Chronicles at the end of The Martyr’s Tears, much longer than I had anticipated, and the guilt over leaving readers hanging is huge… But it’s here now, and I could not be more pleased with the results. The original story I had envisioned as I wrapped up Tears has evolved into something much richer and much better, a tricky (and slow) process to manage while staying on track with the overall progression of the series.

As ever, I am indebted to all of the people who helped get Blood to the finish line, especially from my muse and grammar cop, Christie.

So, welcome back to Albyn! I hope you enjoy this latest chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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