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The Thief's Tale, the Series!

Hello all,

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that the amazing Guy Roberts has begun to develop a film version of The Thief’s Tale!

For those of you who know Guy, you know how exciting that news is. For those who do not, Guy is an astonishing talent: an actor, a writer, and a director, for stage and film. He is the CEO and Artistic Director of the Prague Shakespeare Company ( among accomplishments too numerous to comprehend, and a truly imaginative and creative force.

I’m excited to work with Guy (although, honestly, he does all the work and I just say things like “wow” and “that sounds amazing”) on bringing The Thief’s Tale to the screen.

With any luck, a few years from now I will get to visit Prague to stand awestruck as Guy says “action” (or something equally cool). Maybe I can play Blackberry #5. Do I get to keep my costume? I wonder who we can get to play Wyn… I may be getting ahead of myself here.


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