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Martyr's Blood Gets 5-Stars From IndieReader

We are thrilled to announce that The Martyr’s Blood, the third volume in The Chronicles of the Martyr, has just received a 5-star review from IndieReader, who called it “a brilliantly-designed fantasy world… with well-drawn characters, fully human and full of life and personality.”

The full review is here.

The reviewer highlighted that “The love story at the heart of the book, between the aristocratic but down-to-Earth Lady Danielle and her fierce, lively rogue lover Wyn, is tender and passionate in turns, and their devotion to each other is vivid and heartwarming,” and that “This is a complex and thoroughly vivid world with substance to it, with the sense of a weighty past, substantial history, and complicated present-day situation, revealed to readers in bits and pieces as the story goes on so that they can see clearly what is going on without the action being bogged down in tedious backstory.”

The bottom line, according to the review, is that “Joel Manners has created an immersive and beautiful fantasy world in The Martyr’s Blood, a grand and epic story involving three-dimensional characters, well-developed magical and political systems, vivid descriptions, and lively, action-filled plots.”


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