Pre-reader copies of book two are out, and I have had a marvelous two weeks of not being able to work on it as I await comments. I should have worked on important things like the book description and query letters, but since I despise such things I allowed myself to spend the time writing a series of short scenes between my characters.

They are small vignettes without thought for continuity, in strange places and at strange times. I have no idea if they will ever make it into a book, but they revealed to me some wonderful things about the lives of my characters outside of the events of the main plot, and I hope the scenes may find some future life somewhere.

This may not be exactly the news I know you are waiting for, and believe me, I am as anxious to get book two into your hands as you are to receive it. But I think these stories enrich the world and the lives of its inhabitants. And, who knows? I may have just written the first ten thousand words of book three.

Oh, I also did a quick draft of the cover for Book Two. Not sure about it (or its title) yet, but we will see if it grows on me.

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