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Book Two Re-Writes... Engage!

Re-writes have begun! I had a very productive read of the manuscript (my first time as a reader) and I’m very excited about some of the refinements and changes that I have on my plate. The story is tightening up nicely, and the lard is sloughing away…

I am amazed by what reading a book out-loud does for a story. I did the same thing with The Martyr’s Blade, and with the same results. That is when narration becomes story-telling. You cannot hide from the sound of the spoken word.

I also pulled some new stories about Albyn together and (mostly) finished them off, so I hope to have that book in manuscript form soon after book 2 is finished. It has been fun weaving them together into the main plot.

Now back to book 2. Let’s see… when last we left our intrepid heroes…

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