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Book Two Revised Draft Finished!

Well, that took longer than expected, thanks to some WORKlife issues, but I am very pleased to announce that I wrote "The End" today on the re-write of book two.

Just emailed the manuscript to my amazing editor, so it may be ready for pre-readers in the very near future. I'm actually pretty pleased with the changes, although it was paid for with the blood of many red pens. Hopefully it is the stronger for it.

I find it very hard to do re-writes, not because I am too attached to my existing story... the opposite, in fact. I find myself unable to stop! I cannot open the document without finding a sentence that can be improved, a scene that can be tweaked, a plotline that can be enhanced. It's scary, because "finishing" a book becomes a somewhat arbitrary decision. If it can always be improved, when does one stop? I take some solace from the thought that it will never be perfect, so why tilt at windmills? But then I find another tweak...

They say that knowing when you are "done" is a skill, but is there such a thing as "done" in a creative endeavor? I hope not. Perhaps we can hope to know when it is time to move on.

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