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#WIPJoy Day One

#WIPJoy challenges authors to write something about their work in progress every day, exercises that allow you to look at your work in new ways, or talk about them in new ways. I haven't participated before, but at the start of April I got the daily rubric for this month and have been following along and enjoying the ride. Plus, it's a chance to preview some of the writing from The Martyr's Tears. I will post the exercises here when I get the chance. Obviously I am a few days late to start, but I will catch up soon! Enjoy!

#WIPJoy Day One: Introduce your WIP. The Martyr’s Tears, book two in the epic fantasy series, The Chronicles of the Martyr. TMT follows the story of Danielle, Wyn, and Killock after the events of book one, The Martyr’s Blade, as they seek to defend the icy realm of Albyn (and the world) from a cult of death-manipulating priests called the Crunorix.

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