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#WIPJoy Day Six

Day Six: Name something in your WIP for each of the senses.

Too many choices! Here are some lines that jumped at me as I read:

Sight: “A wan winter sun tried to gleam from the small wind-stirred waves, but the lake refused to give up its leaden grey, and the wind conspired to wipe away the few glimmers with roaming gusts.”

Smell: “Bran clutched the thin branch he had chosen as his perch and rode the swaying wave, his beak open to taste the fresh smells the south wind brought with it; rich earth stirred from its long sleep, and a hint of salt.”

Sound: “Cormac began to hum as he worked, resonant and slow, a tune full of strange rhythm. The hum became a chant in the language of the Ironback clans, a sound like boulders grinding against one another, but the words suited the song, and Cormac found it soothing and soon lost himself in his work.”

Taste: “Sir Ranald rose and stepped quickly away, the back of his hand pressed firmly over mouth and nose as he fought back the sour churn of his stomach.”

Touch: “The skin across his fingers and the back of his hand throbbed in bright red lines, stinging unbearably with a burning heat. He glared at the swollen flesh in distaste, drew his dagger, and pressed the point into one of the long marks. The point cut deliciously into the skin, the bright pain a clean, welcome relief from the throbbing torment, and blood ran freely down his wrist. The knight guided the blade slowly back and forth, until the pain washed the burning away. Then he jammed his hand back into his gauntlet and returned to the hallway.”

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