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#WIPJoy Day Twenty-Two

Day 22: If you could bring one element from your story into reality, what would it be?

Hmmm… well, I am tempted to say the characters, because I want them around. However, my close second (and likely much more appropriate) answer is the Devices.

1) They are magic!

2) They are magic! (I know, that’s the same, but… MAGIC)

3) Devices are especially intriguing to me because the crafting of them is art, not mystical mumbo-jumbo, a combination of metallurgy, sculpture, engineering, and, of course, the arcane.

The idea that something as traditional as a magic “spell” is actually a tangible creation, a Device that you carry around and can use, is so interesting. I would love to see a world where artificers could populate the world with magic from the practical to the artistic, from the simple to the intricate.

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