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#WIPJoy Day Twenty

Day 20: Three unique elements of your world.

1) Devices – magical “spells” crafted by the Guild that can be wielded by adepts trained in their use.

2) The Gifts bestowed on each person by the Maker, granting them special skills and abilities.

3) A blending of very different fantasy cultures. At first glance, the world of The Chronicles of the Martyr is very euro-fantasy. There are knights and castles and trolls and lots of snow. But that is very particular to the realm of Albyn, and as you meet characters from (and visit) places farther afield, the world takes on elements that are inspired by non-European fantasy. There are natural spirits, similar to some Native American traditions and Shinto kami, for example, as well as classical Greco-Roman-inspired parts of the world. The world is too large, too complex, to be dominated by only one “type” of fantasy.

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