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Stories from Albyn... and Beyond

I am very excited to reveal the first book in a companion series to the Chronicles of the Martyr... The Artificer's Tale.

This new series will feature stories around the world of Danielle, Wyn, Killock, and the other characters from the Chronicles. Some of the stories take place concurrent with the events told in The Martyr's Blade and The Martyr's Tears, others take place thousands of miles away, or thousands of years ago, and many feature characters from the main books.

The first book in the series, The Artificer's Tale, focuses on the secretive Guild of Artificers in far away Venaissin.

The manuscript has made it through editing already, and I am making the re-writes, now, so I anticipate The Artificer's Tale being ready for you before Thanksgiving! Can't believe I just said that.

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