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Sir Killock

Not that we needed it, but proof that Greg Follender is a fantastic artist.

Here’s a sneak peek at his rendition of Sir Killock from the cover of The Martyr’s Blade, the Illustrated Edition.

I love the wolf’s head on the pauldron!

“His shaggy hair was iron with grey streaked through it, and he wore a scraggly beard that was almost all grey. Yet the man did not appear old or frail. Weathered, perhaps, but he moved easily and wiry muscles corded on his forearms and neck. At his side hung a long blade with a worn and stained hilt, but the man’s hands did not come near it as he approached.

Ránnach re-assessed the man with every step. At first he looked like no more than a vagabond, some huntsman or wood cutter. But ten steps later he appeared more likely to be a soldier or perhaps a bandit, someone well-used to a sword. By the time they drew within speaking distance, Ránnach felt that the stranger was more dangerous than that. He looked severe and sharp, like the steel blade of a knife.” ~ The Martyr’s Blade

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