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Book Updates Galore!

I have so much going on right now, it feels a bit overwhelming to try to keep pace, but there are a bunch of books that are >this< close to coming out, so it’s time I caught everyone up!

We’ll start with The Martyr’s Tears. The book is done! It has its beautiful cover! It’s been printed for final proofing! I have contacted several literary agents about the possibility of representing it, which has been the primary delay since October in getting it into your hands. But as soon as those discussions are concluded, it’s yours! I still have hope that means before Christmas, as I just can’t stand sitting on it any longer.

The Artificer’s Tale is done, as well! I’m holding the final printed proof in my hands as I type this… not possible, you say, but I am quite dexterous. Once I have made final adjustments to the cover art it will be yours! That means it could be in your hands or on your ebook by December 7th. I know, right?

And we will end things with the announcement that I have just finished the manuscript for The Thief’s Tale, the second companion book for The Chronicles of the Martyr. The Thief’s Tale ended up at 270 pages of story about Wyn and her life as a thief in Kuray. Copies have been sent to beta readers while I start working on a cover, but anticipate it being released in early spring, assuming an agent doesn’t gobble it up, sooner.

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