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The Martyr's Tears Release Date

Hello all!

I’m excited to announce a release date for The Martyr’s Tears, February 9th, 2018! That is one year and three-hundred-sixty-four days after the release of The Martyr’s Blade, and I SWORE I would never be the kind of lazy author that takes two years between books.

Extraordinarily lame, I know.

Honestly, I am so anxious to get The Martyr’s Tears to you that it’s agony to wait. So I am happy to see review copies heading out the door, because that means the book is truly on final approach.

I am extremely pleased with the way Tears turned out, and I hope you will be too. That’s due in a large part to the amazing help I received from my beta readers, and the astounding patience and advice of Christie Manners, my thoughtful and relentless editor and boss (that is the accepted job description of “wife,” correct?).

Between now and February 9th, check out The Artificer’s Tale, available on Amazon, and discover the workings of the Artificer’s Guild.

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