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The Martyr's Tears Released

The Martyr’s Tears has released! It is available on Amazon in print and eBook formats.

Really, the word running through my mind is, “woah” (said in a Neo voice). Three years ago, I never imagined I would finish a story, let alone write an actual novel. Yet here we are, with two books in the Chronicles out, plus two companion books, and the story of Danielle and Wyn is being read all over the world.

So, while being astonished by that fact, it is time to celebrate the people who donated their time and creativity to making it happen.

So many people have worked to make this book into the wonderful story it is, but none more so than Christie, my amazing wife, who tirelessly edits and re-edits every word, as well as offering, uh, advice, on plot points. Without her, the book would be lost in endless wandering descriptions, dangling modifiers, and unclear antecedents.

A huge thank you, also, to Mom and Dad (Buffy and Ian Manners), for reading and re-reading multiple drafts and offering amazing advice, corrections, and guidance, even when the writing was terrible or baffling.

Of course, the amazing Bayard Wu, who brought Danielle and Wyn to life with breathtaking style and ease. Please, judge my book by his spectacular cover. Please also check out his other outstanding work on his Art Station page (

And to the folks who took on the task of reading early drafts and waded through the minefields of false starts and uninspired sub-plots contained within, especially Robert Carlson and Josh Freeze. That is duty above and beyond.

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