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Reviews for The Thief's Tale are Coming In!

The reviews are starting to come in! That means we are getting close to the release date. Today The Thief's Tale got reviewed by the Manhattan Book Review and got four stars! Here's a snippet:

"A rip-snorter from a master storyteller, The Thief's Tale is packed with action and features an extraordinarily exotic world that absorbs the reader utterly. In elegant prose and a translucent style, Joel Manners crafts a tale that is emotionally intense and psychologically exciting. He blends suspense and a rare gift of humor to keep the reader’s attention from one engaging page to the next exciting one. The unpredictability in plot and the beauty of the prose make this narrative a real page-turner." ~ Manhattan Book Review

The Thief's Tale was also reviewed by The Booklife Prize (the indie review branch of Publishers Weekly), who had this to say:

"The Thief's Tale rushes along at breakneck speed, full of action and heists." ~ The Booklife Prize

And The Thief's Tale got five stars from Readers' Favorite! "Vivid, enjoyable, and kept me guessing."

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