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Hello all!

I’ve been secretly working on some art for the books, secretly because I wasn’t sure I could pull off a piece that I would be willing to show. But my recent efforts are… getting there. I can’t compete with the spectacular cover art that Greg Follender and Bayard Wu painted for Blade and Tears, respectively, but hopefully I can continue to level up and perhaps get to a point where the art might be publishable?

Maybe. If so, it will only be because of some great feedback and advice I’ve received from folks who actually know what they are doing. May it continue!

In any case the work is extraordinarily satisfying and frustrating at the same time. I’m glad I am a writer who dabbles in art, not an artist.

To start, here’s a work-in-progress of Wyn that I’m thinking might one day be a cover for The Thief’s Tale. (I still like the crossed keys I made a year ago, too… maybe two editions?).

Her model is pretty much set. I am still messing with a few last pieces of her outfit, but I am very pleased with her overall appearance. Faces take weeks!

The lighting is mostly blocked in, and I like the way it’s going. The moonlight over Wyn’s shoulder is a nice counter to the torchlight coming from the garden below.

Pose and expression are still a long way away, and that’s what I’m working on next, so look for more updates when I’ve gotten a bit more done on them.

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