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The Thief's Tale Update and Moar Art!

Hello all,

Ahhh, the beginning of March. Time for an update on The Thief’s Tale.

I was originally planning on releasing it in February, and as you may have noticed, that did not happen. But for good reasons!

I showed The Thief’s Tale to a horde of literary agents and quite a few showed interest and read through the manuscript, which is nice. Nicer, though, is the fact that I am now working on a pass to enhance some areas of the story that were requested by one of the agents.

I’m actually a bit pumped, despite the inward groan at the thought of tearing into a meticulously edited manuscript, because the requests were all in regard to areas of the story that are really important to me, and it was great to hear, “Spend some more time in those, strengthen them.”

So… delay, but hopefully not too long and hopefully in a great cause.

In the meantime, I have made progress on the cover(?) image of Wyn. A much more dynamic pose and more polish on the lighting. I’ve also tweaked some of the model. It’s getting there. The lighting is still not good enough and there are tweaks I want all over the place, but it’s getting there. Enjoy!

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